P13: Genome Browsers

In this practical class we will learn which are the main features of the three main Genome Browsers. We will learn how to use basic functions of the Ensembl Genome Browsers

Toni Gabaldon

Part I. Three main genome browsers

UCSC Genome browser:
"This site contains the reference sequence and working draft assemblies for a large collection of genomes. It also provides a portal to the ENCODE project."

"Ensembl is a joint project between EMBL - EBI and the Sanger Institute to develop a software system which produces and maintains automatic annotation on selected eukaryotic genomes."

Mapview NCBI:
"The NCBI Map Viewer provides graphical displays of features on the human genome sequence assembly as well as cytogenetic, genetic, physical, and radiation hybrid maps."

Overview of the three browsers

Slide presentation of the main features of the three Genome Browsers. [PDF]

Part II. Using Ensembl browser

Introduction to Ensembl. [ON-LINE]

Ensembl - Excersises


Part III. Browsing Genome data in UCSC

UCSC Genome Browser introduction. [PPT]

UCSC Genome browser: http://genome.ucsc.edu/

UCSC Genome Browser Excersices

Further Information

Ensembl - Short Videos

Ensembl - Excersises

UCSC Genome Browser exercises - Excersises